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Trieste, the windy city, the Pintaudi shortbreads birthplace

Trieste, the windy city, the Pintaudi shortbreads birthplace

Trieste, in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, is a city on the Adriatic Sea. Thanks to its strategic position, it is an important railway junction and harbour.
The city’s biggest passion is its sea, celebrated in the many editions of the Barcolana, a historic international regatta that takes place in the Trieste gulf every year on the second Sunday in October.
Trieste is not only famous for boats and cliffs. Behind the city, there is the Carso and its magic world of subterranean caves and brooks. The most impressive characteristic is the city’s multiethnic soul and the variety of religions that are practiced. Jews, Catholics, Serbian-orthodox, Lutherans, Anglicans live together in this windy city famous also for its coffee.
Trieste cuisine has absorbed all these traditions and is also influenced by German, Slavic, Austrian and Hungarian cultures.
Trieste is a unique city, swept by the strong summer and winter bora winds. James Joyce used to spend the afternoon in the famous Austrian cafés.
In this context, a tiny shop of typical pastries, created at the feet of the San Giusto hill, became so famous that it crossed the borders of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Italian shortbreads. The Trieste cuisine relives in the soft and crunchy Pintaudi shortbreads and in the traditional cakes, like the Presniz, with walnuts and pine nuts.
“Trieste has a grumpy grace” – Umberto Saba



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