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Sulmona, the sweet city of candies

Sulmona, the sweet city of candies

Sulmona is a small city in the Peligna Valley. Unlike the most part of the Abruzzo towns, Sulmona is totally flat. It has ancient origins: a fortified city under the Peligni, the valley’s inhabitants during the 1st millennium BC, it became a roman “municipium”. The famous Latin poet Ovid was born there.
This city is permeated by fragrances of sugar, nuts and chocolate. These are the flavours that made it famous in Italy: in Sulmona we can find the oldest Italian candies confectionery.
The candies are little sweets made with an almond enrobed in sugar. They are a real must for brides on their wedding day but, thanks to their many flavours, they are also used to celebrate all special occasions or they are also enjoyed to replace chocolates.
Sulmona is the birthplace of candies production in Italy. Among them, our partner’s William Di Carlo, the most important producer of this specialty, are outstanding.
Sulmona is not only famous for candies: another product of the confectionery tradition is the soft chocolate nougat, a delicacy made with hazelnuts acknowledged as specialty of the Italian gastronomic tradition.
Sulmona is not only a sweet city: the fertile Peligna Valley is famous for the cultivation of special vegetables like the Sulmona red garlic, with the unique characteristic of having red internal peels and a particularly intense taste.
A city rich in unique gastronomic products; they just need to be discovered and loved.
“Sulmo mihi patria est” – Ovid



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