Who we are

AuGusto is the result of love for beauty and good things. We believe in what we do and the way we do it.

We deliver to your house high quality Italian food.

We select the best products, made by the best producers; we love good things made with care and good for you. We want to share with you the pleasure of this beauty.

We know that the pleasure of eating well improves the quality of our lives.

AuGusto is for those who love good food and the pleasure of artisanal Italian food.

The really important things

High Italian Quality

 Our products are made with high quality ingredients. Our producers choose and know only the best ingredients. We follow our products right from the beginning: for this reason we can guarantee the maximum of quality. We want to offer only the best of Italian food, straight to your home.

The Right Price

 We believe that high quality food can also be affordable. We value our producers’ work and thanks to our direct relationship with them we can guarantee sustainable prices for us and for our artisans.


Artisanal manufacture (Product and Producers, Processes)

 The production methods are artisanal and sustainable. They are based on the knowledge of ingredients and on the continuous search for excellence.


Transparency, Trust, Simplicity

Direct relationship with the producers: we bring to your house the work of dozens of Italian artisans. Our promise is based on the absolute trust towards our producers, because we care about it. And we also want to win your trust.




Easy returns

AuGusto - Easy returns


* on Orders 115€ and Over


AuGusto - 100% SAFE PAYMENTS

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